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The beginning is the most important part of the work. We will help...

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Executive portfolio

"Be so great that your dream employer can't ignore you". We will ensure..

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Matrimonial portfolio

Want to find your best partner? We will craft your best matrimonial portfolio.....

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Show your portfolio to the world on their portable mobile devices with just a click.

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How Dnext helps you?

We are team of vetereans professionally qualified by rich a decade experiencce into various industries. We have been widely networked with the team acquision team and monotiring the periodic trends and the shifts in the demand of talend. In short, we know what they need and how they need.

On the contrary, you as a candidate are probably able to reach the employer but fail to get your portfolio spotted by them due to various reasons. We connect with you as an expert instructer and give your portfolio the right architecture complemented by your skills in the professional fashion which not only gets your portfolio shortlisted but also help you on brainstorming activities of the interview.

Dnext is the #1 choice of millions of people in India when it comes to crafting you worth and presenting you professionally

Portfolio analysis
A great analysis is the beginning of the process. We analyse your existing portfolio and develop the plan of action to bridge the gap by adding value to your persona.
Identify strengths
Most of the candidates gets rejected because they are unable to express their strenths optimally and professionally in their resume. We identify your core strengths and present it using the right jargons which stimulates employers attention in your resume
Resume architecture
Most of the employers prefer to read resumes which comprise of right mix of contents in the professional fashion which is the artichitecture of your resume. We help you generate a unique professional architecture relevant to your industry and employers preference.
Graphical representation
A picture speaks louder than words. We add rich analytical scores and graphical representation in your resume which makes you stand out and break the crowd in a jiffy. Research shows that employers prefer to view graphical reprentations of resume over transcript forms.

Get the right
expert advice!

The amount of time a recruiter spend on your resume is roughly 5-10 seconds. For people who are looking to start a career, or apply for a higher role in some organization, standing out in the job search is crucial. Despite discovering job opportunity that fits your experience, your miss out on getting spotted by your recruiter. Why?

Expert Instructors

Get expert advice on how your experience and skill can be crafted in the professional fashion to stand out of the crowd and make your mark.

Spotified Resume

We know what industry leaders expect from the first glace of the candidate application. We will ensure you are spotted amid the applicant crowd.

Search for the right resume

Finally I got the right place where I can connect to get professional advice and high worth visual resume. Thanks to the team for landing me into my dream job

It has been a always a challenge for me to showcase the best side of me using words and visuals to find my dream wedding partner. Thanks team Dnext for simplfying it and crafting my matrimonial resume

I am happy to see such industry veterans are shaping the future of the skilled candidates by landing them the right job. Most of the candidate miss the opportunity to present themselves on a couple of sheets of paper. Dnext is doing a terrific job.

Creating my compnay profile for my prospects and clients was very challenging as were lacking that professional touch. Thanks to Dnext for helping us by crafting our business expertise and experience to impress our propects. We are adding more clients everyday.

In simple words, Kudoz to team Dnext for helping me landing into my dream job. Thanks folks.

Getting a new job in my dream location Pune was a tuff task. Finally I came across Dnext through a reference. Now I am nicely settled and live with my family in Pune. Thanks Dnext.

Finding the job at my husbands location was challenging as didn't have the right network to connect with the recruiters. Dnext helped me to find the right job in my preferred location.

Marriage on your mind? Relax

There is a moment in the life when you or your children are prepared to tie the heavenly knot called marriage. The complex human demands and desires are infinite. Find the right fit by describing your preference and you.

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